Ceramic Radiant Heater Manufacturer

Ceramic radiant heaters are the easiest and pocket saving way to heat your commercial spaces such as cafeteria, restaurant. But you should choose a right manufacturer in buying those heaters. A manufacturer at that point only gives you the important technical information that you will need for.

The manufacturer provides must technical parts plus a warranty is necessity after sales. So when buying a bulk of ceramic radiant heaters or being an important distributor of the company, you will be given all the support by the manufacturer. Consider always all the questions you ask have proper answer on time. Start searching for the company in the location or even do some search on Google. Check the manufacturer's web site and its ceramic radiant heater models. Ask some questions about the models which are the best way to be used for commercial spaces.

We as Mira Heating have a 30 years of experience engineer who absolutely specializes in heating. He develops gas fired ceramic radiant heaters that helps cafe or restaurant owners get a desinty,safe and long term heating technology ever. Our engineer analyzes your needs, he creates a project then keep on finding the best solution.Or he recommends the existing models based on the space where you are running your business. As you see, our company Mira Heating has a wide product range for you. Our facility in Turkey can meet a massive production of the heaters.

Mira Heating is Now Your Ceramic Radiant Heater Manufacturer!

  • Trusted and high reputative ceramic radiant heater manufacturer in Turkey since 1991
  • All our ceramic radiant heater uses gas or LPG.
  • Our products have a super quality.
  • Premium glass or panel design.
  • Mira Heating has a enough producing capacity of your needs.
  • Our products come with CE certification which means they can be used safely in Europe
  • We offer you 1 year limited warrantry on the ceramic radiant heaters after sales, on the other hand our engineer will be giving you a life time technical consultation for free.
  • Our ceramic radiant heaters have a digital screen on the alumium panels that you can easily turn or off them with a single remote control.

Let's built the business together, we are giving you a great chance that you will get the advantage of buying our products for the manufacturer's price. Do not deal with a dealer or any distributor abroad. Become our authorized seller and make a real money with us! Contact us now for more details.

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