Freestanding Gas Fireplace

Today a freestanding gas fireplace for any kind of indoor spaces are getting more popular thanks to its attractive class panel design, powerful heating also offering budget friendly heating solution in your homes.

You would like to design the space where you are living, working or you are looking for something different that make your mood feel so good during these horrible pandemic days.

You been managing your work over 1 year in home because of covid19’s deep shocked impact on the earth and now you are trying to create a smooth, happy heating atmosphere both yourself and your family members. Plus, an effective work area that will save your time without interrupt.

Just think about it, you would buy a very cheap indoor gas heater by just saving the day which is totally useless, heating poorly, distracts your attention while working on something very important such as having a critical meeting on the computer with the supervisor or boss. You are about making a super money bring deal in the pocket with the partner abroad. So do not let a cheap poorly designed heater that may distract your work attention in the cold winter days. You have a family and lovely pets in home, so the warmer your space is, the better you will be focusing on your task! -We as Mira Heating Turkey's leader freestanding gas fireplace manufacturer are creating a really warm happy spaces to household!  -

We Offer You Gas Fireplace Freestanding Indoor Direct Vent Here!

You should really buy a good one that makes your day super happy! Mira H10f gas fireplace freestanding indoor direct vent offers you a perfect heating atmosphere that you have never gone through before! Its front rectangular shape panel is made of European origin glass. Thus it has an elegant look that you are going to have your business days happily and get more focused on any task.This product will be completing in home decoration with its unique design.

If you are a dealer and are looking for a vented heater for homes for a great price, in an unique design to give a special offer to your customers, you have just got it! We can manufacture unlimited freestanding modern fireplaces as you request. Right now become our authorized seller both online and at the physical store. Let's make the future business together!

You may want to take a look into the technic details of H10F below:

  • Height:95.5 cm (37.5 inc.)
  • Deep:31 cm (12.1 inc. )
  • Width:98 cm (38.5 inc. )
  • Vent Size: 100 cm Vertical (39.3 inc.)
  • Manufacturer:Mira Heating Turkey
  • CE:Yes
  • Power:10kW

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