Gas Fired Air Curtain

A gas fired curtain can be mounted over the hotel, hospital, school and the rest of industrial spaces. The system uses gas as fuel and gives a clean filtered hot air indoor space. So, what makes an air curtain unique is its powerful filter system. As you know there are dirty particles in the air such as microbes, dust which are absolutely dangerous to hospitals, schools or factories where are so many daily visitors. To clean the dusty air and create a cool atmosphere, an air curtain will do the job well.

Air Curtains for Restaurants

No doubt, restaurants are the most important places in a city where so many visitors even tourists visit every day. So, we are talking about huge numbers of your customers. Now here is an important as an owner you might not ignore how important is the situation ,you must make sure that creating a great-reliable air circulation is keeping your customers stay safe and enjoy eating their meals at any moment.
Otherwise, a bad, cheap, unsafe air curtain (most of them are Asian made) might bring only trouble in poor heating or it wouldn't be cleaning up the air. If it has cheap components, then you might really start losing a lot money. Because the customers keep entering your restaurant with families, kids, or the groups of tourists so the door will keep open.

Mira Heating offers you indoor gas fired air curtains which increase the quality of air anytime whenver you turn on even you have a lot customers! Because we have designed this product to make an amazing air atmosphere by using our engineering qualification thus, we have been working on indoor heating systems for a very long time. Our air curtain models have a CE certification that they are able to meet European standards safely. Our products are energy saving on the other hand they are working extremely in efficient So, you would not need to worry about the technical specifics. Our engineer will provide all the technical questions when you asking about installation, the purpose of using the air curtain and more you will find out!

The Key Features of Mira Air Gas Fired Hot Curtain

•    Fuel: Gas/LPG
•    Digital Screen: Yes
•    Remote Controller: Yes
•    Heating Performance: 90 %
•    Power: 20-30-40-50 kW
•    Engineered-Produced by Mira Heatig Turkey
•    It gives heating or cooling when the season turns into summer or winter

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