Heat Your Poultry Farm Fast And Effortless

A poultry farm is needed for an ideal heating temperature to make your chicks grow on time.Otherwise you will have to face some problems which may lead to lose of a lot money and cause to many chicks lives.So the more you lose chickens the more money you have to burn out ,in addition an effort you have been making with for a long period may be gone. As you do know well, chicks have a planned time to get raised and sold to your great money bringing buyers, restaurants other customers.You way not want to lose the restaurant giants or your loyal customers just because of a lack of heating atmosphere,plus a cheap heater at your farm may damages your chicks.Now what to do? We have one and simple, efforless solution to keep your chicken farm hotter.

We have designed a AGH gas fired series of poultry heater which will keep both your pocket and chickens safe thanks to its super heating technology. This product also enables you to use an air cooler during the summer season. Here are the key benefits you to consider why you choose Mira Heating agriculture heater manufacturer

  • The AGH series come with an IP54 overload protected blower.
  • It has an IP64 overelectric panel in any emergency to cut off the power. So the heater will get immediately into a safe configuration
  • The body panel has a ultra quality of steel material which is resistant against bad weather.
  • You can turn on or off this chicken farm heater with its timer section.
  • The sensor on the heater limits the space's temperature to lower in gas bill. 
  • Manufactured in Turkey by Mira Heating. No dealer fee, no distruber fee, no secrest fees. Get an advantage of working direcltly a well-known manufacturer!
  • Proudly Handmade with Man&Woman Power
  • Designed by Mira Heating
  • You run the heater with Gas or LPG as the fuel. This feature comes with all the models.

If you would like to get more information and make your farm safest-winning money place, then you absolutely should contact us for a free consulation!

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